BioToxLab is a Pretoria-based toxicity testing and diatom analysis laboratory that specializes in the assessment of the effect of toxic substances on aquatic ecosystems.

SANAS Accreditation
Being a SANAS accredited testing laboratory (T0663), this laboratory is managed according to ISO17025:2017. Our main client base is the South African mining industry, various industries, municipalities, government, private developers and consultants that make use of our specialist expertise.
SANAS Accreditation
Quality Policy Statement

BioToxLab is committed to compliance with BEEE standards. We have a Class 4 EME certified status.


BioToxLab performs water and sediment toxicity studies and apply the Department of Water and Sanitation & Direct Estimation of Ecological Effect Potential (DEEEP) hazard classification protocol in order to determine the acute and chronic hazard of potentially affected water types.

Another output of our results is the estimation of safe dilution factors as a management tool in compliance with the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998) to mitigate potential adverse impacts on the biotic integrity of receiving ecosystems.

Our services also include product testing, terrestrial ecotoxicology (phytotoxicity), sediment toxicity testing and compliance monitoring.

The following water and sediment toxicity tests are currently included in our accreditation schedule:

Allivibrio fischeri bacterial bioluminescence inhibition test (ISO 11348-3)

Selenastrum capricornutum algal growth inhibition test (ISO 8692)

Poecilia reticulata acute toxicity test (ISO 7346-1)

Daphnia magna acute toxicity test (ISO 6341)

Heterocypris incongruens chronic direct contact sediment toxicity test (ISO 14371)

Phytotoxicity seed germination and early growth microbiotest with higher plants (ISO 11269-1)



Additional services, not SANAS accredited include Nitrate, Ammonia, Orthophosphate, Total Phosphates, Chloride, Fluoride, Sulphate, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Dissolved Oxygen analyses and Spirodela polyrhiza (duckweed).

BioToxLab is home to a number of postgraduate scientists with an in-depth scientific understanding of each field of specialization.

The company currently employs scientists with a range of postgraduate qualifications that include a Ph.D. degree, five M.Sc. degrees, five B.Sc. Honours degrees, as well as a diploma in nature conservation and a B.Tech. degree.

Our management team, with a combined experience of over 40 years in the field of environmental monitoring, has a hands-on approach and perform much of the field work themselves.

Company profile
Together with our associated companies in the Clean Stream Group of Companies as well as various specialist subcontractors, we are able to seamlessly incorporate other fields of expertise into our projects.