WHAT IS Compliance Monitoring?

The key aspect of environmental management, often enshrined in the governing legislation, is the need to ensure adequate and effective enforcement of the environmental management remedies available.

One of the many environmental management tools used to assess, evaluate and manage environmental management and sustainable development concerns is auditing. This is the most logical means of formally checking compliance with specific environmental legal requirements.

In order to reduce and prevent the degradation of water resources and the environment in general, monitoring of compliance to the requirements and conditions of Water Use Licenses, Environmental Authorisations/RoD’s, Environmental Management Plans and Waste Management Licenses are required.

Therefore, to ensure compliance is maintained and environmental legislation is adhered to, Biotox can assist in the auditing of these requirements/conditions producing an audit report which can be submitted to the relevant Regulatory Authorities or to the Client, detailing the compliance status of the specific facility/project.

Further to this, Biotox can also assist in the monitoring and reporting of compliance to the commitments stated in approved Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) as experienced environmental Control Officers (ECO’s). The ECO will conduct site visits (weekly, monthly, quarterly as required), monitor compliance with the EMP and ensure that environmental training is conducted together with holistic environmental support.